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Top 10 Best Survival Kit Gear – ALONE on HISTORY + My Top 10…

INSIDE: Top 10 Best Survival Kit Gear Items in Alone on HISTORY – See MY Top 10 Gear (List) Below + Add-Ons… Link to ALONE: $500 Giveaway is OVER – Sorry… – PLUS 5 Laws of Survival You Can’t Ignore

BELOW is My TOP 10 Survival Gear List (with alternate and add-on items)…

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#1 – A Great Survival Knife (I choose the MSK-1):

NOTE: Here’s 10 More Great Blades:
– MORA – Light My Fire:
– CONDOR Bushlore:
– HELLE Odel:
– TANIMBOCA Puukko:…
– HABILIS Bushtool:
– ESEE 4 or 5:
– Schrade SCH9:
– CONDOR Matt Graham Bushtool:
– TOPS Brakimo:
– OKC Black Bird SK5:
– Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro:

#2 – FerroRod (AKA Firesteel):
Big Rod w/ Striker:
Various FerroRods:

#3 – Sleeping Bag
Zero Degree (Very Affordable):
Zero Degree (Down – Very Warm):
20 Degree:
40 Degree:
Thermal Liner (Adds 20 Degrees of Warmth to Sleeping Bag):

#4 – Two Quart Pot or Stainless Water Bottle:
2 Qt (14 cm) Pot / Billy Can:
Stainless Water Bottle (Suitable to Boiling Water):
40 oz. (Single Walled):

#5 – Fishing Kit

#6 – Paracord 100 Feet
Titan Paracord (Includes: Outer Casing, 7 Inner Strands, Waxed Jute Strand, Fishing Line, Brass Wire):

7# – Rations / Emergency Food
Kind Bars:
Pemmican Bars (Meat, Fruit, Nuts):

8# – Folding Saw (I recommend Silky Brand):

9# – Sleeping Mat (Insulated)

10# – Takedown Bow:
Samick (Traditional) :
Spectre Kit (Super Portable):
SAS Tactical Survival Bow:
Primal Takedown Bow (Hybrid):

OTHER Items to Consider if You Are NOT Going on ALONE:

Tarp Shelter (OPTIONS BELOW):
– Military Style Rain Poncho:
– Kelty Noah’s Tarp:
– Free Soldier Tarp:
– Camping Tarp:
– 9 Mil Standard Tarp:

Portable Water Filter:
IFAK – Individual First Aid Kit:
Fire Kit:
Multi Tool:
Shemagh / Scarf:
Personal Hygiene Kit:

NOTE: The above does not include clothing…


Alone Season 3 – on the HISTORY Channel – is a self-documented competition show following 10 experienced survivalists (7 men and 3 women) as they attempt to live alone in the wild for as long as possible in the wilderness of Patagonia, Argentina. The contestant that lasts the longest will claim a $500,000 cash prize. Show airs Dec. 1 thru Feb. 23 on HISTORY Channel.

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THE Ultimate Survival Tips Knife is HERE!:

Survival Gadgets GEAR BLITZ #1:

Survival Gadgets GEAR BLITZ #2:

Survival Gadgets GEAR BLITZ #3:

Survival / Bug Out Bag – 22 lb:

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Leatherman Signal – Survival Multi-Tool:

Beretta Nano Pocket Pistol Review:

Survival Sling Shot – Sling Bow – Wars – Ep. 1:

Survival Food – Hunting – Cook Kit:

Field Sharpening Made Easy:

Ultimate Paracord Belt:

NEW! Survival Saw Showdown:

NEW! Survival Bug Out Water Kit:

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